Psychometrics for Individuals

Stable Focus offers the highest level of all-round psychometric assessment. Whilst this kind of service is commonly used by HR and recruitment, we believe anyone can benefit from better understanding their own unique profile. Not only will it improve personal and professional relationships, it will also help you to make informed decisions about the future and avoid repeatedly making costly and inefficient mistakes.

How can this benefit me practically?

Personal Insight

This information has a variety of practical uses, including better insight into personal cognitive strengths and weaknesses and their impact on an array of domains including scholastic and commercial. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, people are better able to prioritise those tasks which suit their strengths and invest in strategies which mitigate areas of weakness.

A Healthy Baseline

With the popularity of high-risk sports such as horse riding, cycling, rugby and skiing, alongside the rising incidence of dementia and other age related brain conditions, the importance of a baseline cognitive assessment is stark.

Our report can be filed with your GP and subsequently referenced in the event of cognitive change owing to natural aging, neurological injury, illness, or progressive disease.

Our assessment will take the guesswork out of cognitive estimates and enable a far more accurate measure of how performance has been affected by injury or illness.

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