The Story of Stable Focus

As psychologists we are often asked if we read minds….. that is something that we don’t do, but what we can do is understand behaviour through observation , detailed assessment and the application of evidence based knowledge in order to prevent problems occurring or help resolve them if already present, which is a pretty important set of skills to have access to and one which we believe shouldn’t be limited by thinking of psychology as being relevant to the treatment of mental health challenges.

With this as the premise of Stable Focus, in 2016 Dr Anwen Whitham decided to take a step away from working in the treatment of neurological and psychological difficulties to promote prevention rather than intervention. Anwen believes that through understanding the mechanics of thought and behaviour people can take more control in their responses to challenges in all aspects of life and business. Since 2016 Anwen has spent a lot of time developing Stable Focus to ensure that it can offer and deliver a quality service to clients. By applying gold standard level of psychological assessment to develop a formulation of specific needs, Anwen’s approach integrates and applies doctoral level learning to non-clinical challenges thus providing a unique service which differs from many options currently available.

Anwen’s clinical expertise lie in understanding models of coping, neuropsychology and cognition. With an academic background prior to her clinical training, Anwen is able to offer a deep and diverse understanding of psychological theory and literature. Together with a passion for collaborative working, mentoring and training, Stable Focus offers clients an approachable and highly specialised service with no nonsense philosophy of accountability and ethical practice. You can read more about Anwen here.

At Stable Focus, we believe that psychology underpins all human interaction. Through our knowledge of using and applying robust psychological theory and research, we can address the individual needs of our clients. Each project we work on is bespoke, consultative and considered and so will be costed according to what is required. For a no obligation conversation about how our knowledge could benefit you, get in touch via the link and we will get back to you.

We measure our success on how happy clients are with our service. We like to get things right – using our experience of people to really understand what is needed.

Why not contact us to see how we might work together.