Psychometrics for Business


The Stable Focus-Profile Assessment Structure (SF-PAS) is a unique model, developed to help businesses recruit the right person for their organisation. People are practiced and rehearsed when it comes to interviews and presentations. When under the close scrutiny of a qualified psychologist, there really is no where to hide. We can bring out the best in your candidates, we can also peel back the layers of others who might be less comfortable and consistent.

Unlike other products available, our model requires a qualified psychologist to conduct face-to-face assessment. Although potentially a little more pricey than some of our competitors, at least you can be assured that the recruitment process is as rigorous as possible. We like to engage with our clients in advance of recruitment to make sure that we are the right people to help. It is also essential that what we do 'fits' with other aspects of your recruitment process. We can even help you to identify what sort of person you really need to fit into your team.

A report will be produced for the client, with a separate summary for the candidate.

Understanding your Company

We identify 'round pegs, for round holes'. By working together we can provide generic profiles for critical positions on your team in order to inform future recruitment and ensure efficiency. What is of critical importance in any organisation is being clear about the values that underpin its origin and direction, the function and aims of individual elements or departments within an organisation and looking at the values of the workforce. By getting these parameters clear it is possible to find a 'good fit' when recruiting and restructuring.

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