Partnering individuals, schools and organisations to promote resiliency and well-being

Whether you are open to psychology or a psychology sceptic, it is something that you can not avoid. Psychology is everywhere (not just in the self-help sections of book shops), it is in every thought, feeling, behaviour and interaction that we do whether you are consciously aware of this or not. Psychology isn't just about the mind, it connects our brains to our bodies and impacts on our physical health and overall well-being.

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So why 'Stable Focus'?  Well, the stable focus is the point where there is enough challenge and enough resource to achieve a harmonious balance - both work together to create the stable focus which is not static, it is dynamic - but the result is equilibrium.  In order to achieve a stable focus, we need to know ourselves, to recognise when we have too many challenges and not enough resources, or too many resources and not enough challenge. We need to have a  flexible and dynamic mindset to make the changes needed to maintain our own equilibrium. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but sadly it is not. All too often we lose sight of who we are (if we ever knew). We get stuck in habitual ways of thinking and behaving, we repeat patterns that do us harm and can lead us to the tipping point, even though we aren’t consciously aware of doing so. Working with us enables the opportunity for you to become aware of your own stable focus.

This is why we believe in providing access to highly trained individuals who can translate psychological theory and practice to make it relevant and useful in every day life. This understanding is a powerful tool that can give the lightbulb moment of insight that we all need to improve our resilience and wellbeing and advance personal, professional and organisational goals.

Through our knowledge we aim to promote stability and focus with those we work with. What we mean by this is that we want people to be comfortable with challenge and have the personal self-focus to develop and learn continually throughout life – to develop resilience. Whilst we can’t avoid setbacks, we want to encourage and support people to understand how what goes on in their brain is critical for life balance, and how this stable focus is necessary to avoid the tipping point that can all too easily overwhelm us. Our service specialises in the interaction between the brain (neurology), our thinking (cognition) and behaviour. Why not contact us for a no-obligation, free consultation to discuss an area where you think we might be able to provide a different perspective.

Personal Development

Personal development can take many different forms. We offer coaching to individuals and business clients. Using psychological techniques we help clients to gain self-awarenss and work towards their goals and can provide therapeutic sessions within our specialist areas.